Movie PR & Promotions

We conceptualize the entire set of activities, which communicates about the movie, production house, Music Company to the public for its promotion. We research & plan out promotional events in targeted cities for Movie/ Music promotions / Premieres. Keeping in mind the storyline, targeted segment, budget and star availability, we undertake events from conceptualization, creative, production, to ground event in totality. We also create & built up a social media presence for promotional purposes. The idea is to make people aware, attract and induce to be in preference over others.

Celebrity & Image Management

We have extensive experience helping celebrities and other public individuals to achieve the delicate balance of maintaining a strong and appropriate public presence while protecting their private lives. We also set up interviews with popular magazines, print media & online media. We constantly work on new angles and make new contacts that can help get the celebrity’s name attached to worthwhile causes and special events. We also manage celebrity’s online persona by handling their various social media accounts From Image building to endorsements and celebrity management is done under our expert supervisions across the media.

Brand Association & Sponsorship

A Brand association is a tool very widely used to reduce the cost of promotions or publicity of the movie. We assist to identify the right company, right brand which the movie demands. From Brand Endorsement with a Celebrity to Brand Promotion with creative and effective solutions we do it all. We provide re-invented Creative Solutions Program of Brand Strategy Consulting services which include targeting, marketing, positioning, advertising, media relations.

Media Planning & Buying

We plan the media activity for the release of movies & events which includes trailers, music launch, promotions, press conferences etc. Targeting the right channel, the right show and at the right time to build the right buzz for the event or movie. We have the resources to do media buying on your behalf and get you the benefit of the proper satellite time but also profile the movie star cast and other technicians in the best possible manner in movie based programs free of cost. We negotiate on your behalf and get you maximum commitment of FCTs. across the channels

Strategic Publicity & Media Tie-Up

We formulate plans for In-Film product placement, publicity Tie-ups, movie promotions, sponsorship associations and barter arrangements. In-Film Branding is an interesting way of using Film as an advertising tool to promote various brand which fits in the movie. Being one of most effective and wonderful ways to promote brand, benefits of In-Film Branding can go well beyond on-screen exposure to consumer connect. Using shots, sequences and songs a certain product is specifically endorsed. The product can be endorsed as an integral part of the script or otherwise.

Media Relations

We have cultivated professional relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and publishers over the years. When we call or email on behalf of a client, our inquiries get answered more often than not because we don’t spam every journalist in your space. Instead, we get to know them so we know what stories they are or aren’t interested in covering, then match up your news with their publishing needs to earn home runs that benefit you and the media.

PR Consultancy

We provide a 360 degree PR consultancy to meet the needs of our clients. We provide high quality, well executed, clear and engaging written materials to meet our client’s written communication needs. Information on new products for media launches, to press releases, articles and speeches, with a high level of written communication. We organise & manage media launches to press conferences, company banquets, and corporate events for our clients. We maintain good relationships with the media, so that when necessary, press releases and other media items are picked up by the desired publications. Whenever a new product or even a new idea is developed, someone needs to create public interest, and generate acceptance of the product. They are tasked with developing comprehensive promotions strategies. Companies looking to re-launch or rebrand are also offered our services to make them gain public awareness and acceptability. We also offer Strategic Communication Plan, Electronic Media Coverage, Communication Audits; Crisis Strategies, Brand and Image Building Exercises, Media Training.

TV Coverage

TV is a wide part of media & promotions and it is essential to get promoted on TV and also for coverage on TV news channels. We have liaison with program producers & editors from the television industry. We place celebrities or movies on various TV shows and plan interviews with TV news channels. We monitor the coverage with the media monitoring service.

Marketing Communications Services

Channel Marketing, product/brand launches; promotions; hospitality; merchandising teams providing marketing support; product promotions

Corporate Communications Services

Corporate Films, Ad Films, Seminars /Conferences, Corporate gifts, External and internal house journals and newspapers; corporate, Annual Reports, Newsletters.