Perception Managers
Bridging the Perception Reality Gap

PR has come a long way from just being postmen delivering press releases to being consultants involved in image and brand building.PR today has become a mainstream arm of marketing instead of a peripheral role played a few years ago

PERCEPTION MANAGERS (PM) – one of the leading Public Relations & Consulting Firm, specializing in Corporate Entertainment is created with the sole objective to provide our clients value addition through effective Public Relations.

Traditional role of Public Relations talks of mere press coverage, which usually is disoriented, disjointed and rarely in tandem with your communication objective and communication plan. To create the right perception, it is pertinent that every communication serves a purpose and a communication objective bringing forth-tangible results.

Media Coverage has to be part of an entire communication plan serving a definite objective. PR in its latest form has to work with a bottom line orientation supporting and enhancing marketing efforts. Be it through image building, brand building or product publicity. And where every form of communication is turned into marketing and every form of marketing into communication.

Perception Managers aims to fulfill not just PR needs but create lasting perceptions through wide spectrum of communication strategies, tactics and techniques such as customised PR programs, media management, publicity and promotions.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the entertainment and lifestyle industries with the most professional communication solutions while facilitating the two-way communication, creating goodwill for clients and ensuring maximum tangible benefits

To present information using conventional tools of PR programs, media management, publicity and promotion, to reach the core objective of creating a positive image and managing the perceived value of a brand or an organization.

Objectives :

  • Formulate PR and positioning strategies and programs to build desired corporate image for our client.
  • Constant initiative in making media receptive to the company’s ideas and policies.
  • Brand building by range of specialist PR services.
  • To build corporate identity.
  • Ensure publicity for your product.

Strengths :

  • Perception Management Program/Customized Programs
  • Over a decade experience in Entertainment Industry
  • Resourceful Contacts in print & Electronic media
  • Assured Deliverables / Media  Exposure
  • All India Publicity
  • Generating positive response

Core Team

Arati Salgaonkar

Arati Salgaonkar

Chief Executive Officer / Head Strategic Communication

Having Vast hands-on experience in the field of public relations/corporate communications as Head of corporate communications with leading Media Company Zee Network, UTV, Films Division etc.Implemented PR programs, image and brand building exercises, devised positioning and promotion strategies, communication plans, conferences, product launches, brand building activities events, crisis management. With resourceful contacts in Electronic and Print Media, Perception Managers’ is set to bridge the Perception– Reality gap in the real sense.

Suhas Salgaonkar

Suhas Salgaonkar

Business Head-Mumbai

With several years of experience in marketing with German Company HOECHST, he took reins setting up the Bombay operations of NISUS IMC seven years ago.
A perfect blend of creativity and marketing acumen, he has a keen sense of client understanding and has maintained a niche base of clients in creating brand awareness, creative and theme based brand promotions, events for their products.
His Man-management skills provide him the power to execute tough plans with exceptional ease.

Nikhil Choudhary

Nikhil Choudhary

Head Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing services leader with more than 20-year history of driving key initiatives and results for global corporations and brands. Strong abilities to communicate and develop consensus simultaneously across diverse groups: audiences, internal clients & cross-functional teams. Consistent on-time, on-budget project completion across multiple brands and promotional vehicles identifying cost savings and productivity opportunities. Core competence executing multichannel interactive campaigns., creating a proactive working culture and system


Employee First…! This is what we believe at Perception Managers.

By providing a right equilibrium between work and fun, we make working at Perception Managers an enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves on having some of the best talent available. We are a young organization committed to excellence and positioned for exponential growth.

We have created a very open and transparent environment that decides your position not by superfluous factors but only on merits. Our unbiased approach in all our happenings is aimed at bringing out the best in you. We value talent and will continuously make every effort to foster and expand it. If you value novelty, hard work, and fun as much as we do, we invite you to join us and experience the thrill of a Career. Your efforts and our guidance makes you learn a lot