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Ranjha Vikram Singh of heropanti fame debuts as lead of Punjabi film “25 Kille” Punjabi & Hindi on 25th Aug 2016

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After a much appreciated performance as the main villain of Sajid Nadiawala’s bollywood blockbuster Heropanti opposite Tiger Shroff, Ranjha Vikram Singh has stepped his game up and will now be seen as a lead hero. His movie, 25 Kille which is all set to release on 25th August in Punjabi and Hindi released just released their trailer.The movie has an extra-ordinary star cast , Ranjha Vikram Singh gets to share the screen with Punjabi Industry legends, Guggu Jill & Yograj Singh where he plays a role of their brother. He will also be seen romancing Sonia Mann.He also turned a producer with this movie.

When asked about his role in the movie he said,” The character I get to play in this movie resembles a lot to what person I’m. Innocent at heart and Strong from the external. This character helped me promote sports and also let people know the importance of staying fit and healthy.The story revolves around how to fight for what belongs to you and how four brothers,one of them being me, fight for what is ours. The movie is a full pack entertainments with a lot of action, romance and emotions”. Being a Rohit Shetty fan, he loves action packed movies , but his one and only source of inspiration from childhood has been the Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. He considers him as his Idol.

Ranjha Vikram Singh is tagged as the Desi Stallone because of his tonned body which is the outcome of hard training sessions which he does all by himself. He has never taken help from any professional body builders and neither has he even taken protein shakes.He is a fitness freak and is always more than willing to give tips on being fit. He is a cycling enthusiast and encourages people to use this pollution free commute option. He is an adventure sports junkie interested in adventure sports like sky diving, horse riding and sports car drifting. He is more likely to be seen at a boxing match than a cricket match as his interests are more tilted towards boxing. He also wants to promote boxing as a sport in India as he is a trained boxer.Ranjha vikram singh has been working in many Bollywood films and south Indian hits as well. His debut was in Mumbai Godfather and since then he has worked movies like Sautan, Ya Rab and many others. He has worked as lead in movie Ya Rab. His latest hit releases in south include Rana Vikrama, Rebel, manadhil maayam scidhai (MMS). The tall, dark and handsome actor is hardworking and dedicated. He measures his success by measuring how many people have liked his work irrespective of whether he is playing a protagonist or an antagonist.The tall, dark and handsome actor is hardworking and dedicated. He measures his success by measuring how many people have liked his work irrespective of whether he is playing a protagonist or an antagonist. With this attitude he is all set for his journey towards success.

His upcoming movie, 25 Kille which is already creating a buzz just released their trailer and the movie is set to hit cinemas on 25th August 2016 in Punjabi and Hindi languages.

Global Baba seeks to expose the power of babas

Global Baba Movie Reviews

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Global Baba garnered great  reviews from film critics


Despite being a low budget film and being low on marketing expenses, Global Baba created enough buzz and managed to catch media attention. The engagement through social media drive for the film Global Baba which released on 11 March 2016 garnered great positive feedback and media critics responded back with great reviews about the movie.

The Hindu: “A film that might be loud but does talk sense.”

Mid-day: “Right intention, well executed and decently performed, Global Baba makes for a good watch.” (3 stars)—movie-review/17032159

Times Of India: “Global Baba has the smarts but never shows us anything we haven’t seen before.” (2.5 stars)

Deccan Chronicle: “‘Global Baba’ not only showcases the journey of a fake god man but also how well he plays politics to regain his power and position.” (3 stars)

Hindustan Times: “The trailer of Global Baba, director Manoj Sidheshwari Tewari’s take on organised religion, was released on Tuesday, and it has already set tongues wagging on the social media.”

The Indian Express: “Abhimanyu Singh, who plays a godman in “Global Baba”, says the upcoming film is a social satire and does not target any religion or specific person.”

Jagran: “Global Baba truely depicts selfishness and the real face of so called babas and the politicians.” (2.5 stars)

Mayapuri online: “फिल्मकीयूएसपीहैबढ़ियास्क्रिप्टजिसेडायरेक्टरमनोजतिवारीनेअनुभवीढंगसेहैंडलकियाहै।” (3 stars)

Filmycurry: “Given the fact that we live in a place where people blindly surrender themselves to godmen, the movie becomes a must watch.” (3.5 stars)

Newsnationworld: “Global Baba” is a must watched film for those who love to enjoy the spiritual ans social dramas and thriller.” (2.5 stars)

Absolute India: “Over all, Global Baba is decent watch and a sincere effort to show the malignancy prevailed in the society in the name of religion.” (3 stars)

Catchnews: “…Global Baba could have truly gone global in India.” (2 stars)

Business Standard: “’Global Baba’: A true Indian phenomenon” (3 stars)

Punjab tribune: “The film is an eye opener for religious fanatics, who cling to their messiahs for hope.”

Livehindustan: “ग्लोबलबाबा’ भीएकऐसीहीफिल्महै, जोनकेवलअपनेनामसेध्यानखींचतीहै, बल्किअपनीकहानीऔरट्रीटमेंटसेभीथोड़ातोविचलितकरतीहीहै।” (2.5 stars)

Scroll: “Manoj Tiwari’s Global Baba is both superbly timed and timeless.”